Why Do Moths Eat Clothes?

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Jan 27, 2010 … Next, he said, he would dry clean anything made of wool or animal fibers. … Whether you have clothes-eating moths or not, though, storing …

Adult moths don't actually eat clothes. It is the moth larvae that feeds off of the keratin in your clothes. Learn what happens when they do.

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Nov 20, 2018 … If you see moths and their larvae near your clothes, it's a sign that it's time to wash all your clothes and air them out in the sun.

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I have a moth problem, we keep finding the odd hole in our clothes and during the summer I have about 22 of them over 4 months. I have washed all the clothes at 60 degrees, cleaned everything, but the thing that’s bothering me is that I cannot find the source of the problem, all our carpets are fine and there is no moth damage, not even under furniture and I have even looked under the carpets.

The common “clothes moth”, “clothing moth” or to give its street name, Tineola bisselliella, doesn’t actually eat clothes. In fact, clothing moths don’t even possess the ability to eat- they don’t have a mouth. Once they become a moth, rather than waste their time eating, they simply …

Clothes moth adults do not feed so they cause no injury to fabrics. However … eggs on vulnerable substrates, which in turn, hatch into the fabric-eating larvae.

Ever wonder why you are finding holes in your “securely” stored wardrobe? I just may have the answer you’re looking for…. Clothes moths!

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The Truth About Clothes Moths May 6, 2011 … The moth balls grandma stores with her clothes aren't put there to protect her sweaters from pesky moths, but from their larvae.

Why Clothes moths eat clothes. fabric-destroying insects cause much damage each year. In addition to large losses in commercial fabric manufacturing and storage operations, the many small damages caused in households add up to a significant figure.

Having moths in your closet, attic, or anywhere in your home can lead to a destructive cycle. The moths will eat nearly any type of fabric. They can destroy everything from your best outfits to heirloom linens.