Valentine’s Day – Insect Mating Habits Of Fire Ants, Termites And More

Feb 13, 2018 … In lieu of Valentine's Day, the National Pest Management Association … “While their rituals may seem weird to us, insects have evolved into expert … Female termites release “mating pheromones” that act as a perfume to entice male termites. … The fire ant queen can live for up to seven years, but male ants, …

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Feb 13, 2015 … Love is in the air this Valentine's Day! … Insect mating rituals can be complicated and full of both romance … Female termites for instance, release mating pheromones that act … Females also run the show in the world of fire ant colonies . … If the queen needs males, she can just simply lay more male eggs …

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Jan 27, 2016 … Valentine's Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. However, the mating habits of some insects are so bizarre they would be a … for romance in the world of bed bugs, termites, kissing bugs and fire ants: … The queen can live for up to seven years and produce more than 1,000 eggs each day.

Feb 4, 2013 … Learn how bed bugs mate, how fire ants mate, how termites mate and … To learn more about pests, their mating habits and pest-proofing your …

In honor of Valentine's Day, check out some of the interesting insect mating habits of fire ants, termites, kissing bugs and earwigs.

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