Termites Can Ruin Your Home And You Not Even Know It

Termites can cause serious damage to your home, especially if they were feeding in an area with excessive moisture. Because they eat wood, they can create structural problems or even eat away at posts and beams under your house, if it was built with a crawl space.

Oct 18, 2018  · The good news is that owning a home (and keeping it in great shape) doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, we’ve identified a staggering 50 ways you’re damaging your home without realizing it, so you can ditch the depreciation and put a stop to the property damage before it starts.

Termites love eating wood and your home is made mostly of wood so your home is very appealing to them. You do not want termites to come into your home. The problem with the termites is not that they eat wood but that they eat it without people knowing it. Termites can eat away at your home for years and you may not even know that they are there.

Termites are a insect that eats wood. They are found all over the world and would love to make their home in your house. Termites are a pesky bug that.

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Not only can termites do structural damage, they can also create a foul odor due to fecal matter buildup. This can be in your walls, floors, and even outside of your home. Most of the time, walls and floors in which fecal matter is present will need to be completely replaced to rid your home of the odor.

Top 3 Warning Signs Your Home Has Termites Termites live in colonies that can range from a few thousand to several million … Here's everything you need to know about termites and how they might attack your home. … colonies per acre of land, but the colonies do not intermingle, they coexist. … Even when the amount of wood eaten in a day by a termite is multiplied by …

Jun 1, 2014 … If you've ever experienced a termite infestation, then you know how … Even brick or masonry homes can have termite damage, as they often still have … Damage from termites not only ruins the aesthetic of your home, but also …

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By that point the termites have likely done destroyed a lot of other wood and did a lot of damage to the house. Having your home checked yearly by a termite specialist can help you make sure that your house will not be destroyed by termites. If termites are found they can be killed so that no more damage will be done.

Jun 01, 2014  · Essentially, termites have evolved to do only one thing, and that one thing can completely ruin the value of your home in a matter of months. Termites eat wood, and they can eat a lot of it in a short time. The average colony can eat about one foot of a 2×4 in six months, but certain species of termite can tear through homes at a much faster pace.

There are lots of ways to tell if you have termites in your home. … Scientists at Australia's CSIRO even think that termites can tell the size of a piece of wood by … Most insurance policies do not cover termite damage so it is a good idea to have a …

Mar 3, 2017 … It's no secret that termites can pose one of the biggest threats to a home … you even consider the work that goes into restoring the damages. … know what's at stake, and don't let your home fall victim to a horde of hungry bugs.

Because so much of the damage caused by termites is within the inner walls of a structure, … Even if you haven't seen signs of termites, check windows, heating vents, doors, … How can I tell if pest excrement is from termites or other insects? … If your home has not been treated to control or prevent termite entry, you should …

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