Beneficial Besties: Potter Wasps

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Beneficial Garden Bugs - Mud Dauber/Mud Wasp Most people would not include any type of wasp high on their list of insects they like to see on their homesteads.… by daddykirbs.

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Urban Pest Guide / Mason, Potter and Mud Dauber Wasps … humans; not aggressive; may be considered beneficial since they prey on many species of spiders …

Jul 8, 2013 … Four marble-shaped potter wasp nests attached to a thin willow twig in … beneficial because they control caterpillars that harm garden plants.

Jul 23, 2016 … If you garden, wasps are among your best friends. …. Paper was established in Spain in the 12th century and they were manufacturing it in …

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Two potter wasps commonly occur in the Galveston-Houston region. Eumenes fraternus has a shiny-black body with ivory-color markings. Adults feed on nectar.

Sep 24, 2018 … female potter wasp bringing a caterpillar to her nest by Wendy J. Alexander, Ph. D … Potter Wasps · Beneficial Insects in the Garden …