Bed Bug Infestation: Bedbugs Can Hitchhike Everywhere

Take a minute to read the whole page below and you’ll discover the reason Poison and Heat treatment companies are not in the business of curing your bed bug plague but merely servicing it costing you 1,000’s in discarded furniture and wasted money.

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“I am a Program Coordinator for a program that services seniors in New York City. My client has a particularly terrible bed bug infestation. The exterminators require an extensive cleaning/decluttering of the entire apartment before they can begin the process of eliminating the problem.

Oct 6, 2011 … In August, Animal Planet ran a show called “bedbug apocalypse” … bedbugs are “world-class hitchhikers”—they spread so readily that sufferers get treated like outcasts. … of bedbugs on trains, bedbugs in taxis, bedbugs everywhere! … In out -of-control infestations, bedbugs can literally crawl out the door of …

Jan 11, 2019 … “Bed bugs are good hitchhikers and can be transported in suitcases, furniture, mattresses, boxes, … Bed bugs infest structures, and the content of structures,” he said. … Bed bugs can be picked up anywhere people gather.

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How to Check For Bed Bugs At Home. If you suspect you or your family members have been bitten by bed bugs, a thorough inspection of your home or apartment is recommended.To check for bed bugs at home, the first area to begin searching is the bedroom and sleeping areas where bed bugs …

Oct 19, 2017 … Bedbugs can infest more than just beds or hotel rooms, including doctor's … The potential for a bedbug infestation extends beyond your home or hotel room. … " Bedbugs go everywhere we go," said Dawn Gouge, public health …

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